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      CHAPTER V. AFLOAT ON A LOG"'Go along, Jew,' said two of three of them, giving me kicks, as Bob Smiles started with me. The man with the rope stood by the tree looking very disappointed.

      where we expect a big fite. There's bin fitin' goin'

      The prisoners were overwhelmed by this generosity on the part of their foes and captors."Why, what happened?" asked Si.

      THEY MAKE A BRIEF VISIT TO "GOD'S COUNTRY."The Orderly-Sergeant looked over his roster, and then walked down to Si's residence.


      The hurrah, the swagger, the noisy effervescence of a few months ago had disappeared from men who had learned to know what battle was.


      "Did you see a star last night?"


      "Good gracious, it is noon," answered Si, looking up at the sun. "I believe I do want some dinner."An Uncomfortable Situation 107