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      What a lovely morning! he said. His voice was grave and weary, though he tried to make it light, and she had noticed that he was pale and haggard.Trafford sunk upon the mound and covered his face with his hands as a sob shook him from head to foot.

      Perhaps hes the bank agent, said Esmeralda.

      Again the racking cough seized her, and she sank speechless at his feet.The diamonds, I think, my lady, said Barker. Your ladyship carries them so well; its very few ladies can wear diamonds; they always seem to be thinking of them, whereas your ladyship doesnt seem to know what you have on. And you ought to wear your best jewels to-night, your wedding-night, my lady.

      I dont know, she said, wearily. He may have been afraid, seeing you.At this point his grace would look puzzled, and, with a smile, remarked gently:

      No? Not that it matters. I suppose its all right about the coin?

      Esmeralda, as she took off her jacket and hat, looked round Lady Wyndovers dressing-room with amazed curiosity. She had never before been in or imagined such a room. Like Lady Wyndover, it was a marvel of artistic taste. The decorations and the soft silk hangings were of the approved[54] crushed strawberry hue, the furniture of the daintiest kind, and in tone like that of a sparrows egg, the chairs were of divan-like comfort, the carpet a thick Turkish pile. A satin tea-gown of the palest hue hung over one of the chairs; the dressing-tables were covered with scent-bottles, ivory and silver-backed brushes, silver pots, containing some pink and red stuff, whose use Esmeralda was ignorant of; and jewelry of an exquisite kind lay about amongst silver pots and bottles, and even on the chairs.Then she turned and left him.


      She was all in a little flutter of excitement, and the blood mantled in her powdered cheek, making the artistically applied rouge almost unnecessary, as she watched Esmeralda going through the last stages of her toilet under Barkers experienced hands.