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      They had warned him that he could not keep her long. They had advised him to humour her fancies, to let her be present at the wedding, even at the hazard of her suffering afterwards for that exertion and excitement. She would suffer more perhapsphysically as well as mentallyif she were thwarted in her natural wish to be by Allegra's side on that day.

      Were there no poor people at Three Star, the place you came from? he asked, amused by her socialism.She grew tired of Versailles, and returned to Paris, where the First Consul gave her an apartment at the Arsenal and a pension.

      "Would I not like to be like Apelles?"

      Oh God! how vividly those hours came back! The awful progress from Ushant to Arcachon; the darkness of the brief day; the horror of the long night; the shuddering yacht, with straining spars, and broadside beaten by a heaving mass of water, that struck her with the force of a thousand battering-rams, blow after blow, each blow seeming as if the next must always be the lastthe final crash and end of all[Pg 308] things. The pretty, dainty vessel, long and narrow, rode like an eggshell on those furious watershere a long wall of inky blackness, rising like a mountain-ridge, and bearing down on the doomed ship, and beyond, as far as the eye could reach, a waste of surf, livid in the moonlight. What helpless insignificance, as of a leaf tossed on a whirlpool, when that mountainous mass took the yacht and lifted her on cyclopean shoulders, and shook her off again into the black trough of the sea, as into the depths of hell! And this not once only, nor a hundred times only, but on through that endless-seeming night, on in the sickly winter dawn and in the faint yellow gleam of a rainy noontideon through day that seemed mixed and entangled with night, as if the beginning of creation had come round again, and the light were not yet divided from the darkness.He appealed to Varley.

      "They are not here," said Allegra, with gentle seriousness. "It is only the husk that lies herethe flower-seed has been carried off in God's great wind of deathand the flower is blossoming somewhere else."

      He showed no indisposition to be generous to his handsome sweetheart. He settled seven hundred a year upon her, and told her that she could spend as much of that income as she liked upon toilet and pocket-money, and that he would invest her surplus advantageously for her.He spoke in the pompous jargon of the Revolution, the language of his paper, LAmi des Citoyens. Then turning to the gaoler he sent him away upon [305] a message. When the door had closed behind the spy of his party, in whose presence even he himself dared not speak freely, he took the hand of Trzia and said in a gentle voice


      Rows not only began with great facility, but spread with marvelous ease and rapidity. You had only to refuse a drink; to take up somebodys glass; to push against a man accidentally; to observe that it was cooler than yesterday, when the man you addressed happened to be particularly hot; or to wear a tall hatan article of attire held in special detestation by the whole of Three Star, and only permitted to Mr. Varley Howard as a special recognition of his peculiar qualities as a gambler, a man of fashion, and the promptest and deadliest shot in the districtto raise a shindy directly. On this night the row was generally welcomed, for everybody felt blas and[6] bored and thirsting for any excitement to relieve the dull monotony of an existence in which bad luck and the perpetual heat fought for predominance.



      He read to her, he talked to her, he waited upon her. Tabitha and he were her only nurses; for L?ttchen was a young woman of profound concentration of motive, and had early taken unto herself the motto, One baby, one nurse. She conscientiously performed her duty to her infant charge; but she rarely lifted a finger to help any one else.