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      She had tried to think, to realize her future; but it was hard work, for his voice was ringing in her ears, and his faceso white and haggardcame between her and the darkened window. She had promised not to go, not to leave himto avoid the scandal; and he had promised to forget that she[191] was his wife. They would be friends, in outward seeming, at any rate. She sighed. She knew she could trust him, for in all else but in marrying her for her money, she felt that he was the soul of honor, and a promise would be sacred to him.You must not be angry with her, Trafford, she murmured through the music. You will make yourself unhappy if you are. Remember, they are old friends.

      Ill tell him, and see, said Norman, as he pressed her to him with his strong arms.

      No hard task, the times being so highly calculated to make the course of true love a "hard road to travel," as the singing soldier boys called "Jordan." Letters, at any time, are sufficiently promotive of misunderstandings, but in the Confederacy they drifted from camp to camp, from pocket to pocket, like letters in bottles committed to the sea. The times being such, I say, and Hilary and Anna as they were: he a winner of men, yes! but by nature, not art; to men and women equally, a grown up, barely grown up, boy. That is why women could afford to like him so frankly. The art of courtship--of men or women--was not in him. Otherwise the battery--every gun of which, they say, counted for two as long as he was by--must have lost him through promotion before that first year was half out. The moment he became a conscious suitor, to man or woman, even by proxy, his power went from him; from pen, from tongue, from countenance. And Anna--I may have shown the fact awkwardly, but certainly you see--Anna was incurably difficult.

      Varleys fingers closed over his cigarette, and the red flamed in his face for a second, to leave it deathly pale.

      Yes; and he knew that you had known her before she came to England; thatthat you had loved her.

      Youre wrong! he said, with an oath.

      But when the heart is that way it is easy to say things prematurely, and right there in Canal Street Hilary spoke of love. Not personally, only at large; although when Anna restively said no woman should ever give her heart where she could not give a boundless and unshakable trust, his eyes showed a noble misery while he exclaimed:



      I am bewildered, dazed! she wailed. Give me time to think! It is soso sudden!


      Among the poets Aristophanes produces a whole gallery of contemporary characters, but indistinctly and in vague outlines; they were what would now be called originals from the street who, during the performance of his comedies, sat among the spectators, and whom he only needed to mention to evoke the laughter of the crowd. Something more may be gathered from Lucian and Apuleius, together with the better Milesian tales, especially from Heliodorus and Achilles Tatius while, on the contrary, the great Alexandrian lumber-room, owed to Athenaeus, contains more gewgaws of learning and curiosa than really marked characteristics.