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      "Want any help?" asked Shorty.

      Si Klegg's company was on picket one day, while Gen. Buell was trying to make up his mind what to do with Bragg. Rations had been a little short for a week or so. In fact, they had been scarcely sufficient to meet the demands of Si's appetite, and his haversack had nothing in it to speak of. Strict orders against foraging had been, issued. It was the day of "guarding rebel onion patches." Si couldn't quite get it straight in his head why the General should be so mighty particular about a few pigs and chickens and sweet potatoes, for he was really getting hungry, and when a man is in this condition he is not in a fit mood to grapple with fine-spun theories of governmental policy.

      Pen obeyed, and Blanche with flying, practiced hands felt of her all over, while the young man stood by. Blanche nodded reassuringly to the Babe."Capt. McGillicuddy," said the Colonel sternly, but without turning his head, "either bayonet that cowardly rascal or gag him and tie him to a tree."

      "O, he be darned," said Shorty scornfully. "I could git away from him if I wasn't 10 years old."He looked at Pen as he said it. She kept her eyes down, and rested her hands on the edge of the table that they might not shake.

      "If you put me in those woods will I ever see you again?" he asked apprehensively.

      "Oh, Don!"

      Had it not been for the "fun" the soldiers had in the army to brighten their otherwise dark and cheerless lives, they would all have died. Si was a true type of those who had to suffer for the good of others until they learned wisdom in the school of experience."Clear out from here, you dead-beat."90


      Such, then, is the contrast, and such the reason for it. What, then, are we to think of the teaching of the Church of Rome when it says,In this divine sacrifice which is performed in the Mass, that same Christ is contained, and sacrificed without blood, who once, with blood, offered Himself upon the altar of the Cross? [27] And again:If any man shall say that the sacrifice is not propitiatory, and profits the receiver only, and ought not to be offered for the living and the dead, for sins, punishments, satisfaction, and other necessities, let him be anathema? Now, what do these passages teach?


      "My capital," corrected Pen.