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      "They've gone to look for the rijimint."

      "Always to real officers," said Shorty; "but""But I'm not going to leave you alone to brood," Albin said. "Because I'm your friend. And brooding isn't good for you. It's brooding that's got you into such a statewhere you worry about growing things, for God's sake, and about freedom and silly things like that." Albin grinned. "What you've got to do is stop worrying, and I know how to get you to do that, kiddo. I really do."

      "What're you goin' to do?" asked Pete apprehensively.

      Then his face grew hot with the thought that everyone saw through his transparent scheme to get an hour or two more with Maria."Build a fire under 'em."




      To Shorty's amazement a score of men came rushing back from the car next ahead of the caboose. They had, by a preconcerted arrangement, been jumping on the train ever since it grew dark, and collected in that car. Some of them had guns, but the most appeared unarmed.