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      Mistake? she whispered.Yes, he said, impassively. I have just won her.

      The cabin-boy brought in the two baskets, which the milliner opened with an air, taking out the delicate lingerie, the soft silk and softer cashmerepeignoirs, frilled petticoats, a fluff and flutter of creamy lace and pale satin ribbons, transforming simplest garments into things of beauty. She spread out her wares, chattering all the while, and then looked at Madame for approval.

      Yes, said Norman; but we all hope that will be a long while; for the duke is the dearest old chap, and Trafford is as fond of him as he can be.CHAPTER III.

      She did not utter a cry, but lay placidly gazing at him, as if she considered him a part of her waking dream. And as she looked, she thought, in a vague way, how handsome and tall and strong he looked, and how bronzed he was, and she thought that the expression in his eyes, as they dwelt upon her, was like that which they had worn the night of their marriage, just before they parted. Of course it was a dream; but the look drew the blood gradually to her face, and made her heart beat with a queer little throb. Then suddenly, very gently, and with a quiver in his voice, as if he were trying not to frighten her, he said:

      Not here? I saw in the papers that she was hereill. Where is she, then?She is superb! She is magnificent! she exclaimed in hushed staccato. She will do your ladyship credit. Ah! what a sensation she will create! You leave it to me!


      Get my things ready at once! he said, hurriedly and anxiously. Whats the first train I can catch?He looked down and pulled some letters toward him.



      How did you get into a row at Dogs Ear?